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We offer an easy way to sell your unused horse tack, clothes, and more!



How does consignment work?

We take approved saddles, tack, clothing, and boots in clean, useable condition. We talk and set a price, then once it sells we take a commission.

Please see below for a list of items we do not take.


Do my items have to be clean?

Items must be clean and free of mold and strong smells. Saddles and tack should be clean and oiled.

Do you inventory and price my items or do I have to beforehand?

We can inventory and price items instore or you can do it before bringing items in. We will price items based on where we've seen items go or based on market value.

How do I get paid for my items?

 A check is sent once all items sell or a certain amount is reached. You can also use previous month's sales as in-store credit.

Do I have to make an appointment?

If you have more than a dozen items we try to schedule an appointment to make sure we don't get overwhelmed with items.


Full terms and conditions below in our consignment form

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